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    I have a Frod F250, and a Samsung S8. When the phone connects with Bluetooth. I can make calls etc. with voice just like any phone or vehicle. When I plug it in via USB and use Android Auto it falls apart. Every time I touch a text, or phone call etc. I get a spinning icon. It says something like "when it is safe please tap the notification, then you can use Android auto". It spins forever and I can't use any functions. Am I missing something obvious?
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    I had similar issues with Android Auto when I first got my Camaro. I could be driving home, decide to make a phone call through Android Auto, and there was no sound coming from the car speakers, but a faint sound coming from the actual phone itself. If someone was calling my phone, the "My Chevrolet" interface in my car would pop up on screen notifying me of a call, rather than Android Auto. Only through the My Chevrolet interface could I actually hear the caller. After a few updates of Android Auto, this issue was fixed.

    The performance of the phone itself can play a role in this as well. I had reinstalled the OS on my phone one night, and I was on my way to a Cars and Coffee in Savannah the next morning. Unknowingly, the phone was still updating its apps, which caused Android Auto to crash. Another time was when I had Offline Maps enabled through Google Maps on my phone. While the maps were downloading, the Google Map interface on my Car's display froze, and the system rebooted itself.

    I'm sure you already checked, but be sure that Android Auto for your phone is up to date. Check for any OTA updates for your Trucks's Infotainment software. Plus try another USB cable to see if the problem is still present.

    Google Plus is pretty much dead, but there are forums out there discussing Android Auto, and there should be some with regards to your Ford Truck.
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    I'm convinced they don't have all the bugs worked out with Android Auto. My old ancient phone worked fine with Android Auto in my Sonata. Then I went and got a new phone (LG G7 ThinQ) and Android Auto totally quit working. I tried a bunch of new cables, no dice. I can take that phone and hook it up in the wife's new CR-V and Android Auto works like a champ. I've convinced myself that if I want it to work in my car, I'm going to have to buy a new one (car not phone).

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