Broke My Phone!

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    4G LTE to 5G shift will be not important to some, and very important to others... Depending upon how you use your phones, and or Cellular Data in general. For example those who use Cellular Data to be their internet provider, will find 5G speeds to be important for improved data streaming capabilities. Many in rural areas, where cable or fiber over optics phone lines are not available to deliver internet - depend upon cellular data for their homes feed. I'm one of a few of the now up to 20+ million Boomer's, that spend over 3 months a year traveling in an RV (AARP source, of all things!). We personally travel about 7-9 months a year, and quite often use over 300GB per month for our streaming, and some video uploading.

    Another key thing, is 5G data speeds, will increase the completion among the city dwellers as another in home data provider. Charter, and the local cable companies - are bracing for the completion.

    And it's not just 5G, Ellon Musk's Starlink project, will be another source for data across the world. Low orbiting satellites providing high-band width WiFi. Really a potential game changer in the rural United States, as well as portions of the world without the infrastructure to provide high-band width data contacts to the internet. (And other completion too, from other satellite projects are in work too.)

    IMO - The next 10 years is going to see many changes in phone, and high-band width opportunities. Toss in VoIP (Vice Over IP/Internet into this mix, and well - the playing fields will shift favorably to the consumer. As competition between multiple, non monopoly sourced, internet data and voice will provide us with more options and price points.

    I too am a SWAPA shopper for our phones, and usually stay one generation back - buying New vs say used (Even if it is Mint)... And I agree with the thinking of buying a holdover phone until 5G's releases have stabilized on both service and phones available...

    My favorite destroyed phone story? And old Motorola Flip Phone (Beam me up Scotty, looking device!), was on the kitchen counter as I was putting groceries away. My sister was visiting, sitting at the kitchen counter. My wife was putting a few items down the garbage disposal, and my sister reached over to pick an item up off of the counter. Her shirt sleeve cuff caught and dragged my Motorola off of the counter, and down into the running garbage disposal!!!!

    Best to all - Smitty
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    Motorola Flip phone can still be had for about $60.

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