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    I got one of these years ago for commuting. Two miles to and from the train station in my town, and a few blocks in the city too. Also used this on occasion. Still use the skateboard for pleasure every once in a while, xooter not so much. I wish the tires were a softer durometer...

    P.S. Don't commute into NYC any more, been suburban commuting about 10 miles for 16 years now. No direct bus or train to use.
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    I was never coordinated nor patient enough to learn how to use a skateboard so I gravitated to motorized 2-wheels at a young age. Bought my first motorcycle when I was 14 (a Husky 250 trail bike.) Bought my first street bike (Triumph Trident) before I turned 16. It's been almost 10 years now without a bike and I have been missing it greatly. Maybe something electric - Harley's tron bike should be widely available next year. :sunglasses:
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    I did lots of skiing in my 20s and 30s, but could never ride a skateboard. I tried surfing, and that didn't work either. Cycling is fun, but I never had any interest in motorized two-wheelers. Friends had motorcycles, and I rode on the back a few times, but it wasn't for me.

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