FS—Kenwood KP-5022A turntable $250

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    I have a nice looking and working kenwood kp-5022A Turntable
    It’s the model with the A at the end of the model number.
    Yes it works very well and yes it has some blemish on it. The cover is in good shape and need some cleaning
    It will come with one head shell
    You can pick out of the two that are in the photos
    Shipping from zip code 32725
    Can take PayPal or Apple Pay or cash
    I’ll cover any fees but shipping is on the buyer
    5af7d16089592d2441856a9e6efbbca4.jpg 8a7075b9cada40e1216d6e734c4ad60f.jpg 43ba35d8ef7c4fcaa9462bbdd0a63e3a.jpg 57d54a5a4a229e732c1ec8834dd4c067.jpg 9b12ade71927927030d661e5cc45833f.jpg 98bfb770474fa195a2943788fd0e9048.jpg e51b26002ceced03b46c076d722d7fff.jpg

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