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    Riffing off Barry who posted an introduction even though he's been here for years, I thought it might be nice to make an introduction thread. Even though many of you know me pretty well, I'm sure some don't.

    I grew up on a farm in Iowa and went to school at The University of Iowa. I have lived in Omaha for the past 16 years. I'm married and three daughters. In addition to home theater / audio I enjoy photography and collect and use fountain pens for writing.

    I was pretty into music and movies even as a kid. In early high school many of my peers were getting rack systems. I bought a mini system primarily because it had "surround" speakers. In college I had a roommate who was really into movies and had a 5.1 Infinity system. My final two years in college I started building out a Paradigm surround system and carried that forward into my first home and eventually added an SVS cylinder sub. When we moved into our first home, I finished my basement myself and added a Sony projector.

    Over the years I swapped a lot of gear out and that has remained a fun part of the hobby, just trying new things (particularly on the speaker side). After Paradigm I had Mirage speakers and then Phase Technology. Here I started breaking out my stereo system from my home theater but would eventually recombine them. I ended up with Magnepans, then a single driver speaker from a company called Omega, which appears to be out of business now. All this time I was still using the Phase Techs for home theater. Then I got a pair of Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers. I got rid of the Phase Techs and added a center and surrounds from Gallo and recombined my system.

    After a couple years, my projector started to die so I had to buy a 480p DLP projector due to budget constraints. I ended up having rainbow (color separation artifact) issues and not really liking the video side of the system. My kids were also very young at this age and I found I would go weeks without even going down to the home theater. I eventually sold everything and for a little over a year I used the space as a makeshift photography studio.

    But the bug bit me again eventually and I bought 70" Sharp TV, a full Klipsch 7 channel setup and a Power Sound Audio sub. A few years later I added a projector back into the mix with a screen that drops down in front of the TV. Finally I wanted to upgrade the audio portion a bit and went with a full compliment of GoldenEar Technology speakers.

    I continue to be more of a cinephile than audiophile to be honest, though I appreciate a well setup stereo. I like all kinds of music but really enjoy blues and jazz, especially classic jazz, bebop, and big band/swing. My taste in movies tends towards action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and drama. I am particularly a sucker for time travel movies.

    These are the most recent photos of my setup.

    IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0475.JPG
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    Thank You CJ
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    Well and truly impressed, and awesome theater CJ!!!!!!
    Well Done!!!!
    What is showing tonight and do I need to bring my own popcorn??????
    God Bless,

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