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    Finally got around to watch some of your newer content. (Did not know I had two Off Days coming, WINNING).

    The SB2000, and comparable (price-wise) subwoofers from Rhythmik and HSU have been on my list to replace my old Sony subwoofer. Not looking to go the Dual route, but definitely looking to replace the Sony as it's becoming an unpredictable component. (loud pops 2 am on a week night for example). These events have occurred since I had my older Pioneer Receiver, and different cables. So I know the sub is the culprit.

    The size of the sub is much smaller than my Sony and the real-world detail of the video gives me more information compared to just reading documentation. The location of the one subwoofer at the side of your room next to your seats is similar to where I currently have my sub. I performed a subwoofer crawl around the spring of 2016 along with REW, and this placement was ideal for my living room.

    And thanks for the warnings regarding your Lower back because I'm currently dealing with lower back pain myself.
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