The 2018 Lounj movie log (365 challenge)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by CJ, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Yeah, I only update my original post, don't post anything new, maybe I should. Just got shipping notification on MI:6, so I guess I know what's happening this weekend ;)
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    Not sure I follow. I've just been updating my original post as well. Periodically I just delete the comments and pare back to just the "log" posts but the new comments serve to bump up the thread so others see it. On a side note, I would say this year was pretty average for me, i.e. it wasn't a high volume year. So I probably watch 100+ films every year. Kind of crazy.
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    ** Updated 31-. FYI the way I do this is to copy my entire prior post and then create a new reply with that, plus the new stuff, then delete my original post. **

    1. Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Watched the whole series. Absolute mayhem. Sure after a while it's just one goddamn thing after another. But it's so over the top it fun the whole way. I loved it.
    2. Godless. Excellent. All around, just excellent.
    3. Sherlock. Watched several episodes. Really like it a lot. Love Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yup, me too. Liked it a lot.
    5. The Imitation Game. Not the first time. I think this movie is rewatchable. Keira Knightley is the weakest link from my perspective.
    6. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Kids roped me into this. In the words of Charles Barkley, it's "turrbl".
    7. Leap! Kids liked it a lot. I didn't hate it, which is saying a lot given it's a musical about ballet, and I despise both.
    8. Altered Carbon: Season 1. Took a while to get rolling but I was invested by the end. Looks like it's lined up for Season 2...
    9. Ozark: Season 1. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. Maybe my expectations were too high based on the buzz. But I found this lackluster.
    10. Narcos: Season 3. Good, but it's really hard to match the story of Pablo Escobar. Looks like they are headed to Mexico next season.
    11. Rogue One. Again. Liked it, again.
    12. Collateral. Not the Tom Cruise/Michael Mann one. The short series on Netflix. Did not enjoy the first episode and it looks like I won't finish it.
    13. Wind River. On Netflix, think it's a couple years old. Liked it a lot, sort of a slow burn, but not in the tedious way of Tarantino, nor the zzzzzz way of Eastwood.
    14. 47 Meters Down. Do not watch.
    15. Jurassic Park. The original! I wanted the kids to see it, though they are 8 and 10 and that's a questionable parenting decision. They were terrified, but like in a good way, and said so: "This is terrifying!". Especially by the T-Rex attack on the trucks. It was great. Also I remember when I first saw this movie and the look on my face when seeing the first live dinosaur on the island was basically the same as Sam Neill's. At the time, it was absolutely unbelievable. I loved reliving it.
    16. Black Mirror. Most recent season. I know San Junipero, and Hang The DJ is no San Junipero. Still, it was pretty good. The only episode I simply didn't enjoy was the dog one.
    17. Doctor Strange. Not certain I liked this movie, despite all the high ratings and Netflix saying it was a good match for me. Just found it overly talky at point. And what really was the point of making all the buildings move and stuff, when the bad guy could just run over and grab Strange by the neck, which he eventually did after we wasted 5 minutes running around in nonsense. The only bit I really liked was the time loop.
    18. Cargo. I love Martin Freeman. Still, in this movie he mostly played Martin Freeman. Good movie but for me it was hard to watch...I don't like watching kids in peril.
    19. Valerian and the Stuff and Stuff. I like Luc Besson's style. Did not have a big issue with the protagonists in this one, despite complaints in reviews.
    20. Evil Genius (Netflix). About the murder/robbery where the guy had a bomb strapped to his neck, which eventually went off and killed him. Tangled web of some very cruel people here. Good series though, very interesting.
    21. Thor: Ragnarok. So much fun. My wife even loved it--doesn't hurt to be watching Chris Hemsworth the whole time, that is one handsome dude. I wish they would mix some Amon Amarth into the soundtrack.
    22. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I have never seen Vol 1, but 2 is available on Netflix so I watched it. Honestly I didn't think it had a plot until about halfway through. And once you have the revelation (I'll not spoil it), the remainder is just a long action sequence to resolve, but it's a very good action sequence.
    23. Tomb Raider. How did they manage to make prime Angelina Jolie, wearing all manner of interesting attire, so unwatchable? Her character has no...character. Just dull, so dull, watching her not react to anything, nor stimulate any interesting conversation.
    24. Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life. OK--fair to ask why I watched this one if I didn't enjoy the first. Well, we were on vacation and the kids liked the first. Which is also a hugely questionable parenting decision since there was some content in the second especially that I wish I hadn't let them watch. But it's done, and thank goodness.
    25. King Kong (Peter Jackson). This movie has its moments. Dramatic, exciting. It was just sooooooooooo loooooooooooong. There were so many times when I find myself saying "ok, cut" and it doesn't happen. Or "ok, how much longer can this scene/chase/sequence go", and on it goes. I think if he cut 30 minutes off of this movie, which seems completely doable, it would not suffer at all. Another questionable parenting decision since this is pretty intense. The older child liked it, the younger got so upset by them capturing Kong that she nearly got sick so I took her away--thank goodness she didn't make it to the end.
    26. Moon. Went back to this multiple times on Netflix and I don't think I can finish it. It's just putting me to sleep. Bet there is some Fight-Club-esque reveal I'm going to miss.
    27. The Informant! I just watched this last night while I was working from home. Pretty funny to watch this guy go. I'm interested in knowing how many of the lies told in the movie are actual lies that this person told, vs. ones made up by writers. It's a short movie. I didn't feel any tension build as the lies piled on, though. So it just felt repetitive.
    28. I Am A Killer (Netflix). Watch 2 1/2 episodes and I removed it from my queue. Just found the style and the stories boring. Yup, bad people.
    29. Wonder Woman (2017). Fucking fantastic. Amazing character, exciting to watch, had me short of breath during the scene from the trenches. Gal Gadot was incredible. I loved it.
    30. Ready Player One. I really wanted to love this movie but I didn't. Great action sequences. Fun to see. But I didn't think it captured the essence of the 80's vibe in the book at all despite all, mostly because split-second cameos in the movie I think make that hard to do.
    31. Mississippi Grind. I am not sure what possessed me to watch this. It was...middling. Didn't entertain me that much but didn't cause me to stop the movie either.
    32. Extinction (Netflix). Interesting premise. I like Michael Pena just fine but didn't think he was the best lead for this. Apparently he's in tight with Netflix, since he's also in Narcos: Mexico. Nothing wrong with that.
    33. Ozark: Season 2 (Netflix). I wanted to like this more than I did. Hm...funny, I remember writing this same thing for Season 1. Not sure I will watch S3.
    34. The Night Comes For Us (Netflix). From the makers of The Raid: Redemption. Does not hit the mark like The Raid did. But it was exciting and bloody.
    35. A Wrinkle In Time. Man...this seems like something so up my alley. Time travel, tesseracts, the universe, all of it. And it was so...not up my alley. First I can't stand Mindy Kaling. She is capable of playing a single character--Mindy Kaling. That wasn't the worst of it though. It just got mired in each set piece for too long, whereas each on was not worth the time spent. all ends with, the most powerful force of darkness IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE can pretty much be defeated by some sentimental brother/sister love and hugs? Just dumb.
    36. Black Panther. Really great. I loved it.
    37. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix). Ho. Lee. Fook. This was soooo good for soooo much of it. Just endless weight of dread, and fear, and foreboding. Really loved how we follow the family through their lives, all of which were profoundly changed by their short stay in Hill House. The Bent-Neck Lady!!! I watched all of this by myself in my [now] pitch-dark media room and I can't tell you how many times I got the chills, or squeezed a pillow to keep me safe, or yelled "aaah! fuck me!" out loud from fear. For 9 episodes it is engrossing, and tragic, and yes, scary. The finale felt like a letdown, but it was still good. Highly recommended.
    38. Narcos: Mexico (Netflix). Feels like this may have run its course. Escobar and the Cali cartel are so much more interesting than Gallardo.
    39. The Final Table (Netflix). As a fan of Iron Chef I've seen some shows try to be Iron Chef, including the most recent incarnations of Iron Chef like Gauntlet, which I did not like at all and felt like a cheap knock-off of its namesake. The Final Table was terrific. Loved the pairings of chefs, until the end when they compete against each other. You can tell the talent level here and the reputations of these chefs--the competitors and judges--is incredibly high. Highly recommended.
    40. Journey To The Center of The Earth. You know, for kids.

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