Your top 10 HDM movies.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by CJ, Feb 4, 2008.

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    May 7, 2007
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    The criteria are yours to name but please do so for clarity. If its solely presentation (AQ/PQ), fine, if its solely quality of the actual film fine, if its a combination, great too.

    Maybe a running list will be useful to other members making rent/purchase decisions.

    My criteria is a combination of how much I liked the movie and how good the PQ/SQ was. My list, in no particular order would be.

    Hot Fuzz (HD-DVD)
    Apocalypto (BD)
    The Prestige (BD)
    300 (either format, and don't talk to me about grain)
    Corpse Bride (BD)
    Seabuscuit (HD-DVD)
    Transformers (HD-DVD)
    Stardust (HD-DVD)
    Bridge to Terabithia (BD)
    The Last Samurai (HD-DVD)

    Best older film transfer/restoration goes to Blade Runner IMO (again, including in the criteria how much I like the film).

    This is a personal list obviously, and there are other good looking films which I haven't seen (I haven't seen the 2nd release of The 5th Element for example) because I've seen the film enough times that I wasn't in mood to rent/buy it just to see the new transfer.

    So what is your list?
  2. George Bellefontaine

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    Unfortunately I only have a dozen in my collection and rentals are still pretty thin around here, but these are my faves so far ( all are Bluray ):

    3:10 To Yuma
    Blackhawk Down
    Blood Diamond
    Terminator 2

    There will be more to add as time goes and titles become more readily available in my area.
  3. Max Yokell

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    May 8, 2007
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    1.Blades Of Glory
    For its great picture quality and awesome but subtle surround track. The mixture of bright vivid colors combined with muted shades makes it an excellent choice for showing off a well set up projector or TV. Oh and it is clever funny and stupid funny all at the same time.

    Great story with fine acting performances by Robert Deniro, Michelle Phiffer, and Clair Danes combine with a perfect recreation of film on HD

    3. Dawn of the Dead (remake)
    Stunning visuals with an excellent update of the original Dawn of the Dead this time including much better actors.

    4. Hot Fuzz
    Excellent HD Video quality mixed with an actually funny comedy spoof of the buddy cop genre. This is what Showtime with Deniro and Murphy should have been.

    Love it or Hate it looks and sounds great on my HD-DVD.

    6. Blade Runner
    Could anyone have asked for something more from one of the better Sci-Fi movies.

    Wholly Crap this thing is spectacular.

    8. Army Of Darkness
    Not a perfect transfer, but on my large 106" screen it made me feel as though I was watching film and when combined with the movies excellent sense of humor and just pure sense of fun it transported me back to my teen years watching horror movies in a run down theater on South Beach named the Roxy. If my friend Craig ever wanders up to Tampa, this will be the one I spin up just to make the experience complete.

    9.Heartbreak Kid
    This is one funny damn movie and it looked very good. Got my wife into the Home Theater and that makes it worthy of a top 10.

    Looks and sounds great.

    My criteria is just picking movies I liked that created good moments in my theater.

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  4. Mike Kelly

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    May 8, 2007
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    I've only seen 12 HD-DVDs, so I'll list them all by content grade followed by picture involvement/improvement over SD. No audio score.

    Planet Earth - BBC: 10/+++
    Casablanca: 10/+
    Eyes Wide Shut: 9/+
    Zodiac: 8.5/++
    The Game: 8/-
    Hot Fuzz: 7.5/++
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 7.5/++
    Superman II - Richard Donner Cut: 7/
    The Getaway (1972): 7/-
    The Kingdom: 7/++
    Transformers: 6.5/++
    Blades of Glory: 6.5/++
  5. Shane

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    May 8, 2007
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    Based on what I like + A/V quality and in no order:

    1. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (BR). 3 cuts of the film and lossless audio in 2 flavors on the same disc.
    2. 300 (BR). Not the best film but an over the top sound mix with top notch visuals are undeniable.
    3. Eastern Promises (HD DVD). Maybe the best looking HD DVD film to date. A nice losslessTrue HD track rounds out the package.
    4. Cars (BR). Superb package that's executed flawlessly.
    5. Apocalypto (BR). Great film, lossless audio and superb reference picture.
    6. Blade Runner (Either format). A benchmark for the way older especially popular films should be presented.
    7. Children of Men (HD). One of the best looking and sounding films on HD DVD. A great film rounds out the package.
    8. Bourne Ultimatum (HD). Another 3 headed giant of a release. Top notch PQ, SQ and film.
    9. 3:10 to Yuma (BR). Another triple threat. Reference all the way.
    10. Pirates 2 (BR). Everything you could want from an HD Disc and more.

    Ones that almost made the cut:
    Sunshine (BR)
    Ratatouille (BR)
    Pirates 1 and 3 (BR)
    Rescue Dawn (BR)
    Transformers (HD DVD).
  6. chad

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    May 8, 2007
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    In no order

    other than 1-10 ;)

    1. Black Snake Moan
    2. Transformers
    3. Unforgiven
    4. Hot Fuzz
    5. Blades of Glory
    6. Tie for the Bourne movies
    7. Harry Potter OOTP
    8. The Departed
    9. Eastern Promises
    10. The Kindgom

    Alright, I was at work when I made the list, I had no time to put in a summary.

    Black Snake Moan: I loved the story. The picture was beautiful, the sound was good.. Justin Timberlake was the real shock of the movie, I had no idea that he could play a real human.

    Transformers: Just a fun movie, great picture great sound. Same goes for Hot Fuzz, Harry Potter and Blades of Glory.

    The Unforgiven: So nice to see a classic such as this get the treatment it deserves. The story was really good, the picture is the best I have ever seen it and the sound was *better* as well. The Searchers falls in here as well

    Eastern Promises, The Departed, The Kindgom and the Bourne Movies: Good writing, great picture great sound. I would be happy if Croenberg and Viggo make about a dozen more movies together, I LOVE Croenberg's storytelling. The Kindgom and Bourne movies had good stories but also held something more for me. Not sure what but.. something. It would be understandable if it were just the Bourne movies, what guy would not want to do the cool shit that Jason does? The Kindgom made me feel the same way though, maybe just good guys kicking bad guys asses. I thought the cast of both was perfect. The Departed: well, I'm glad Martin finally had a trophey to put on his mantle. While I agree that this was not his best movie, I thought it was pretty great. I don't know that in 2o years it will be like Goodfella's is now.. but.. I thought it was great.

    If I can add one more, Pan's Labyrinth. Again, a beautiful story, beautiful picture, beautiful sound. I would say that this could be my #1. While not everybodies cup of tea it works for me. My wife was angry at the end and has no interest in watching it again because of the ending. She saw sadness.. but I found it quite happy.
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  7. Paul E. Fox II

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    May 8, 2007
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    All HD-DVD for me...I'm not purple yet. However, here is my ranking at the moment. It will change a lot!

    1. Transformers - Watched for the ? time (11th - I think...) over the weekend. Man, what a transfer and it's still sounds better than anything else in collection and I'm not even hearing the High Resolution audio on anything yet.

    2. 300 - Loved it in the Theater, Loved it the first time I watched it in HD, I guess I'm a bit tired of it. It'll come back soon.

    3. Hot Fuzz - Hated it the first time I saw it's one of my favorites!

    4. Matrix Trilogy - Gotta go with what you know and love. While the 3rd isn't really in the same league as 1 and 2, I still love the entire story.

    5. Pitch Black - Part of my "5 Free", this movie really shines for me. Now I have to get "The Chronicles of Riddick"!

    6. MI: III - Tom Cruise may well be insane but I love this movie. It looks spectacular and isn't too bad on the audio side either

    7. Blade Runner - While I'm not the biggest fan of this movie, the fact that it looks like it does and you get all the different had to be on the list.

    8. Batman Begins - My second (and only *used* HD DVD)...and wow! Who knew that Bruce's nice suit in the pool scene had stripes?

    9. King Kong - My first HD DVD. again, WOW...who knew that a bug flew out of the T-Rex's nose? From the moment the FBI warning hit the screen, I knew that SD DVD was now grossly inferior!

    10. Serenity - Love this movie, loved the series and this is truly a great transfer.

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